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John SinclairMy name is John Sinclair and I am a professional photographer living and working in the San Juan Islands. Wed in Washington was created to showcase my wedding photography.

Here are some of the most frequent questions I get asked by my prospective wedding couples. These are questions that you should ask of ANY wedding photographer before making a decision to hire them. I hope my answers give you a clearer idea of who I am, and I encourage you to call or email with your specific wedding needs or wants.   

1) What do you consider your photography style to be?
I consider myself a wedding photojournalist. I strive to create a balance between a more contemporary, narrative style, and classic wedding photography. Both have their places during the wedding day. You are not just paying for my time (which is essentially unlimited as I stay with you for the whole wedding day) but my artistry and experience. I love shooting weddings and capturing those special, celebratory, and unforgettable moments.

2) Do you shoot color, black & white, or both?
With traditional film/darkroom photography you had to haul around different cameras loaded with both BW and colors films in order to fulfill the artistic desires of the client. Now with digital photography not only can you shoot in any format, but also the potential for creative post-production of images is limitless. As a long time member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, I stay up-to-date on the latest techniques for retouching, manipulation and post-production. 

3) Do you bring an assistant, or second photographer?
If the wedding or reception is particularly large, I may bring an assistant to help with equipment and logistics. To maintain consistent artistry throughout the shoot I am the only photographer. 

4) Do you correct your photographs?
Yes, every single image is corrected to some degree. This might be as simple as correcting the white balance, leveling the image, and cropping away unwanted artifacts. Or a good image might receive a lot of work to bring the absolute best out of it. Rest assured I never overwork an image to the point that it obviously looks "fake." Less is more, in Photoshop world.

5) Do we get to see all the photographs you take?
No, a full days shooting will generate anything from 1500-2500 photographs. My skill as a photojournalist is editing these photographs down to a visual narrative that reflects the very best of your wedding day. Why look at the 'rejects' when you can see 150-200 beautiful photographs that you will cherish, print and have as keep sakes. (Note: if you opt for me to create and design your wedding book/album, then we will have a discussion between us on the final selection of photographs. Depending on your budget it may not be possible to publish every image in the book/album.)

6) Will the photographer give you a high resolution CD of your images?
Yes, you get two DVDs, a master and a backup copy, which contain all the final images from post-production, saved in both high resolution for printing, and low resolution for emailing, FaceBook, MySpace, etc. Exclusive copyright is held by me, but you are free to use the images for personal and private use.

7) Are you willing to have input on the photos that we want?
Absolutely! This is your wedding day and some brides have been planning it since they could walk. If you have specific creative ideas these can be discussed prior to the wedding and advised of their appropriateness.

8) I've been planning my wedding day since I was a little girl. How do I know you will fulfill my childhood dreams?
Anything can happen on your wedding day but I'm prepared for most emergencies. Having a backup of all equipment, a solid head, and a sewing kit for when the groom's tux button falls off, means that there is a 99% chance everything will go smoothly. Plus I'm a member of the following professional bodies: WPJA, ASMP, and NAPP

I love shooting weddings and capturing those special, celebratory, and unforgettable moments


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