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Cydni & Adam

With a weeklong steady barrage of rain, it looked like that Cydni & Adam's plans for a sunny outdoor wedding at Rosario Resort on Orcas would be potentially washed out. And despite everyone crossing their fingers and every other part of their bodies, the rains still refused to relent. Their enthusiasm not detered by the bad weather, the wedding ceremony was hastily moved inside to the historic Music Room of the Rosario Hotel.

Something you should understand is that even though I am your wedding photographer for the day, I am also a second pair of eyes and hands. I've sewn a button back onto the best man's tuxedo, I found missing bouquets, and helped clear up a broken glass or two; all to make sure your day runs smoothly.

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I love shooting weddings and capturing those special, celebratory, and unforgettable moments


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